About Martin

Martin is a freelance music composer. Contact: martin@martinslidel.art



Axes  │  For Elon  │  Komorebi  │  Memory Street

Sensing  │  Time of Tide  │  Wakefulness of Dreams  │  You, Them, Us



Carillon 1  │  Carillon 2  │  Carillon 3

Somewhen 1  │  Somewhen 2  │  Somewhen 3



Albino – Studio Arrangement  │  Mirror – For Flute, Piano and Snare-drum

Peel – Studio Arrangement

Silver – SATB Arrangement (Flute Version)

Treading Air – Studio Arrangement  │  Whatever – For Harp and Synthesizer



ASD ABC – For All Kids ABC  │  Leaf – Picture Book Proposal



Martin was born in Portsmouth and grew-up in a village in the suburbs. At school, he learnt violin and recorder. From home, Martin studied electronic organ – progressing in his teens to classical organ under Alan Bartlett of Petersfield. He was a student of Combined Arts (Music with Visual Practice) at Brighton where his tutor was Billy Cowie. During this period, Martin participated in The International Festival of Live Art at The Sallis Benney Theatre. He graduated with a 2:1, and continued to work as a private music tutor before training formerly at Brookes. Martin went on to lead Music departments at London schools and in 2009 gained an MA in Art Education (London). His grade A dissertation is held at The Newsam Library.

Portrait by Skopta Photography

Martin made his first concert appearance age nine, supporting Jazz organist Steve Lowdell at a Yamaha event in his home city. He went on to be an Area Winner for Yamaha Festival and performed at the Regional Finals at The Victoria Rooms, Bristol. During the 1980s, Martin played at Haslemere Organ Society and was principal organist for St Margaret’s Patronal Festival in Fernhurst (West Sussex). As an undergraduate, he worked as a pianist for a children’s Eurythmy Studio. Martin’s output become more experimental, with numerous presentations combining studio composition with hand-made slide. He has since produced an audio installation in collaboration with NZ sound engineer Alex Madill (Open Studios, London Docklands). The track Carillon 1 as remixed by Alex features on Martin’s 2020 electronica album available to purchase here. Martin relocated to London in 1999 and worked for a short period as a video editor for MTV. It was during this time that he contracted reactive arthritis for an extended period of four years. Martin’s compositions feature regularly in the Top Ten of the ReverbNation Classical Chart. He has also completed a video presentation in proposal for a picture book and song.



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