About Martin

Martin is a freelance music composer available on commission.

Contact: martin@martinslidel.art

Martin is a pianist and organist available for events.

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Axes  │  For Elon  │  Komorebi  │  Memory Street

Sensing  │  Time of Tide  │  Wakefulness of Dreams

You, Them, Us  │  Carillon 1  │  Carillon 2  │  Carillon 3

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London Bone – For Trombone, Piano and Percussion

Lure – For Flute, Piano and Snare-drum

Mirror – For Flute, Piano and Snare-drum

Ochiba – For Clarinet and Piano

Ochiba – For Woodwind Trio

Silver – Originally for SATB

Thief – Art Song for Soprano and Piano

Whatever – For Harp and Synthesizer

Wish – For Clarinet, Piano & Percussion

Wish – For String Quartet

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ASD ABC – All Kids ABC project  │  Leaf – Picture Book proposal

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I write across a range of genre (including ‘Contemporary Classical’ for want of better terms) and seek to do something different each time. If music is a playground, its long-established traditions are the spaces in which to explore. I think I desire to break some of the rules. In the same way as painting a picture, there are always new shapes and colours to discover. I retain an interest in working within musical ‘norms’ and hope that my more Avant Garde pieces retain accessibility and pleasure. My output at present is short pieces for small forces. I initially wrote for piano although more recently attempt to extend to other instrumentation. I studied classical organ, violin and recorder. My keyboard training was unusual in that I started on electronic organ, moving on to Jazz organ and then Classical.

Portrait by Skopta Photography

Erik Satie is one influence amongst numerous others from the world of music and the physical world around us. Themes can, hopefully, be emotive or, in their small way, programmatic. I have spent a number of years experimenting with a variety of styles from improvisational studio recordings to Folk songs. As a ‘reader’ I cannot ‘play by ear’ but often compose ‘by ear’. This may demonstrate how our relationships with music differ. Reactive arthritis somewhat hampered my performance skills, though I have always been drawn to composition. I write for above my level. Most presentations are electronic recordings. It is entirely about getting ideas out there.

Commission welcome. E-mail: martin@martinslidel.art

BIOGRAPHY (Downloadable PDF)

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YouTube: Music Compositions  │  YouTube: Piano Compositions

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