MANNEQUIN  │  Chalk, charcoal and pastel on collage

In retrospect this ad-hoc still life is anything but. The female breast, symbol of motherhood, is exposed and yet the maternal visage is hidden. The torso is hollow; its key-opening revealed at right shoulder, in turn echoing the accidentally-truncated forms of ancient statuary.



JAZZ  │  Graphite and colour-pencil on brown paper

Inspired by the film ‘Belleville Rendez-vous’.



SEASHELLS  │  Series  │  Graphite on paper    Silk-screen prints

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


CASA  │  Series  │  Graphite on paper

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


MALE TORSO  │  Digital print from pen and ink

Free print to download here.



VIEW OF A FOLDED DRAWING  │  Pastel and watercolour on paper

A composite of drawn textures in pastel worked in layers with washes of water-colour. Sections are taped together to effect a folded image; one of a series of folded paper pieces. Each crease becomes a boundary or crossing through which a repeated form inverts, as the whole affects a flow of colour suggesting movement and growth. I’ve often drawn inspiration from Rebecca Saunders’ trio The Under-side of Green for clarinet, violin and piano.



behance-logo_318-50602        b        c        d        e        h        Smooth

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