NEWS 2020



Check out Catherine Howe’s intriguing and engaging new book (and e-book) chronicling events in 1848 in London.

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New slide-show based on recent paintings and sketches:



Thanks so much for supporting my art exhibition at the wonderful Coffee Wake Cup near Clapham Common Tube. It was an equally wonderful experience. I hope that you enjoyed some of the new paintings on show of which I am pleased to report that I made a sale – as rare as the opportunity for a solo exhibition. And so, it’s down-time at the moment with no plans ahead other than to earn some honest cash in the day job. Certain that there’ll be other creative projects in the year ahead. Wishing you all a very happy new decade!

Best, Martin



Thanks to everyone who supported my Crowdfunder; raising a tidy sum to help cover the running costs of my forthcoming exhibition. I am so grateful, and deeply humbled.



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