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‘Leaf’ is my proposal for a picture book and song which links to ‘Life Cycle’ curriculum modules, with cross-links to Art and Literacy. It is based around simple rhyming couplets, alongside a set of eight heavily-stylised illustrations. The project, as yet unpublished, was successfully work-shopped with both Early Years and Key Stage One children. It provides an accessible platform for shared discussion and circle games. Pupils are also able to create their own versions of the sequential narrative (visually and in writing).

The title page (front cover image) is designed by Alison Rayner. My grade A dissertation on the developmental visual language of the very young is available on loan from the IOE Library (London). 

Further advice or support is welcome. A PDF for submission purposes is available on request. Please contact: martin@martinslidel.art

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Original Song  │  60-second Presentation Clip  │  60-second Song Clip   

Facebook Album (All image files)

Instrumental Version (Lyric Video)  │  Alternative Mix (with photos by Engeline Tan)

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“Martin’s beautiful picture book is accompanied by an easy-to-learn song for younger primary school children. This would really add to a class project and further the learning experience.”

– Singing teacher Elizabeth Peirson, BMus, MA, PGCE, Adv Dip (TCM), MISM


“‘Leaf’ visual story is a beautiful metaphor for life. Simple, delicate, organic, and recognisable, Martin’s paintings represent the ups and down of life – yet chance is always about somewhere with new and enlightening possibilities, along one’s growing path to possibly renew.”

– Performance poet Cathy Flower

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Excerpt from the music score (sheet music) set as a simple pop arrangement with melody and chord symbols – easily accessible for performance and interpretation with classroom instruments by students and teachers of all abilities. The project is complete with an instrumental recording of the the song presented as a lyric video in English language. 

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3 thoughts on “Picture Book

  1. Martin Slidel’s lovely combination of words, images and music provides an excellent resource for Early Years language development. Martin’s work would be extremely useful in a cross-curricular context as it involves language, music and art. It is a highly effective means of introducing young pupils to a variety of skills and concepts in an engaging manner.

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  2. Duncan Ferguson’s remarks resonate with me. Martin Slidel’s combination of words, images and music gets beyond the didactic – which I suffered as a child. I marvel at the freedom present in the pictures created by Slidel’s pupils today. This is such a refreshing approach and shows itself capable of appealing to children’s imaginations. His is an example of thinking that brings to mind Picasso’s words: All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.

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  3. Martin’s beautifully clear illustrations provide a lovely starting point for discussions around the life cycle. The accompanying song lends itself to interpretation of the text into drama and dance, providing a wonderful opportunity to explore a scientific topic through the arts. I love any resource that lends itself in this way.

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